Find all facilities whose name begins with 'Tennis'. Retrieve all columns.
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facid name membercost guestcost initialoutlay monthlymaintenance
0 Tennis Court 1 5 25 10000 200
1 Tennis Court 2 5 25 8000 200

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select * from cd.facilities where name like 'Tennis%';          

The SQL LIKE operator is a highly standard way of searching for a string using basic matching. The % character matches any string, while _ matches any single character.

One point that's worth considering when you use LIKE is how it uses indexes. If you're using the 'C' locale, any LIKE string with a fixed beginning (as in our example here) can use an index. If you're using any other locale, LIKE will not use any index by default. See here for details on how to change that.

Use the LIKE operator.

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