Output the names of all members, formatted as 'Surname, Firstname'
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Smith, Darren
Smith, Tracy
Rownam, Tim
Joplette, Janice
Butters, Gerald
Tracy, Burton
Dare, Nancy
Boothe, Tim
Stibbons, Ponder
Owen, Charles
Jones, David
Baker, Anne
Farrell, Jemima
Smith, Jack
Bader, Florence
Baker, Timothy
Pinker, David
Genting, Matthew
Mackenzie, Anna
Coplin, Joan
Sarwin, Ramnaresh
Jones, Douglas
Rumney, Henrietta
Farrell, David
Worthington-Smyth, Henry
Purview, Millicent
Tupperware, Hyacinth
Hunt, John
Crumpet, Erica
Smith, Darren

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select surname || ', ' || firstname as name from cd.members          
Building strings in sql is similar to other languages, with the exception of the concatenation operator: ||. Some systems (like SQL Server) use +, but || is the SQL standard.
Use the || operator to concatenate strings

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