For any given timestamp, work out the number of days remaining in the month. The current day should count as a whole day, regardless of the time. Use '2012-02-11 01:00:00' as an example timestamp for the purposes of making the answer. Format the output as a single interval value.
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19 days

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select (date_trunc('month',ts.testts) + interval '1 month') 
		- date_trunc('day', ts.testts) as remaining
	from (select timestamp '2012-02-11 01:00:00' as testts) ts          

The star of this particular show is the DATE_TRUNC function. It does pretty much what you'd expect - truncates a date to a given minute, hour, day, month, and so on. The way we've solved this problem is to truncate our timestamp to find the month we're in, add a month to that, and subtract our timestamp. To ensure partial days get treated as whole days, the timestamp we subtract is truncated to the nearest day.

Note the way we've put the timestamp into a subquery. This isn't required, but it does mean you can give the timestamp a name, rather than having to list the literal repeatedly.

Take a look at the DATE_TRUNC function

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