How can you produce a list of all facilities with the word 'Tennis' in their name?
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facid name membercost guestcost initialoutlay monthlymaintenance
0 Tennis Court 1 5 25 10000 200
1 Tennis Court 2 5 25 8000 200
3 Table Tennis 0 5 320 10

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select *
	from cd.facilities 
		name like '%Tennis%';          

SQL's LIKE operator provides simple pattern matching on strings. It's pretty much universally implemented, and is nice and simple to use - it just takes a string with the % character matching any string, and _ matching any single character. In this case, we're looking for names containing the word 'Tennis', so putting a % on either side fits the bill.

There's other ways to accomplish this task: Postgres supports regular expressions with the ~ operator, for example. Use whatever makes you feel comfortable, but do be aware that the LIKE operator is much more portable between systems.

Try looking up the SQL LIKE operator.

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