How can you produce a list of facilities that charge a fee to members?
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Expected Results

facid name membercost guestcost initialoutlay monthlymaintenance
0 Tennis Court 1 5 25 10000 200
1 Tennis Court 2 5 25 8000 200
4 Massage Room 1 35 80 4000 3000
5 Massage Room 2 35 80 4000 3000
6 Squash Court 3.5 17.5 5000 80

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select * from cd.facilities where membercost > 0;          

The FROM clause is used to build up a set of candidate rows to read results from. In our examples so far, this set of rows has simply been the contents of a table. In future we will explore joining, which allows us to create much more interesting candidates.

Once we've built up our set of candidate rows, the WHERE clause allows us to filter for the rows we're interested in - in this case, those with a membercost of more than zero. As you will see in later exercises, WHERE clauses can have multiple components combined with boolean logic - it's possible to, for instance, search for facilities with a cost greater than 0 and less than 10. The filtering action of the WHERE clause on the facilities table is illustrated below:

The WHERE clause allows you to filter the rows that you want to retrieve.

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