Produce a list of facilities along with their total revenue. The output table should consist of facility name and revenue, sorted by revenue. Remember that there's a different cost for guests and members!
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Expected Results

name revenue
Table Tennis 180
Snooker Table 240
Pool Table 270
Badminton Court 1906.5
Squash Court 13468.0
Tennis Court 1 13860
Tennis Court 2 14310
Massage Room 2 15810
Massage Room 1 72540

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select, sum(slots * case
			when memid = 0 then facs.guestcost
			else facs.membercost
		end) as revenue
	from cd.bookings bks
	inner join cd.facilities facs
		on bks.facid = facs.facid
	group by
order by revenue;          
The only real complexity in this query is that guests (member ID 0) have a different cost to everyone else. We use a case statement to produce the cost for each session, and then sum each of those sessions, grouped by facility.
Remember the CASE statement!

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