Classify facilities into equally sized groups of high, average, and low based on their revenue. Order by classification and facility name.
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Expected Results

name revenue
Massage Room 1 high
Massage Room 2 high
Tennis Court 2 high
Badminton Court average
Squash Court average
Tennis Court 1 average
Pool Table low
Snooker Table low
Table Tennis low

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select name, case when class=1 then 'high'
		when class=2 then 'average'
		else 'low'
		end revenue
	from (
		select as name, ntile(3) over (order by sum(case
				when memid = 0 then slots * facs.guestcost
				else slots * membercost
			end) desc) as class
		from cd.bookings bks
		inner join cd.facilities facs
			on bks.facid = facs.facid
		group by
	) as subq
order by class, name;          

This exercise should mostly use familiar concepts, although we do introduce the NTILE window function. NTILE groups values into a passed-in number of groups, as evenly as possible. It outputs a number from 1->number of groups. We then use a CASE statement to turn that number into a label!

Investigate the NTILE window function.

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